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Welcome to Oyster Hinge - OH!  My name is Erin: communicator by trade, historian by training and artist by trial/tribulation. I have identified as a poet and visual artist since I was a child but have found it increasingly difficult to make work outside of school and classes. I know I'm not the only one. I believe that the best of our creative ideas come from teaming, support brainstorming and curating spaces where our imagination can thrive. 

I spent the first decade of my career in the interpersonal violence prevention field. I have worked with incredible teams to stitch together the best of public health, social work and interactive theatre to build strategic visual campaigns, powerful peer-education and innovative events. Collectively these efforts inspired culture shifts that aimed to normalized consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention and healthy masculinity. You can read more about my previous work here. Creativity has always been an integral aspect to how I do the work, how I collaborate with others and my self-care practice.  

In my #adulting years, I've taken a large range of visual art classes in the community including:


-Pop Up Books

-Book Making

-Letter Press

-Acrylic Painting

-Life Drawing

-Still Life Drawing

-Adobe Illustrator 

-Watercolor Painting


-and more! 

I bring what I’ve learned from all of these workshops into this work and an undying love of the self-help section, trauma-informed practice and emotional intelligence. You can expect more posts soon on these topics soon. Until then, follow me on Instagram.





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