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Erin Naomi Burrows is the founder and principle of Oyster Hinge.  A communicator by trade, historian by training and artist by trial/tribulation. She brings ten years of experience and passion for community education, training, collaborative project management and anti-racist organizing with a focus in community engagement and primary prevention of interpersonal violence with young audiences. Erin is an educator, innovator, storyteller, coalition builder and change-maker. Specialties include strategic communication planning and execution, methodical program development and implementing evidence-based practices for behavioral change through a social justice lens. 

In her background in higher education, Erin focused on the prevention of interpersonal violence through policy reform, coalition building, curricula development and assessment. Erin believes that creativity is crucial to designing our way out of systemic issues causing harm in our communities. Creating shared spaces to explore deeper meaning and connect with what’s at stake, Erin is skilled in facilitation of difficult dialogues and holding space for emotional response. It is her belief that creative thinking and action both makes life worth living and is a practice capable of addressing the most pressing concerns of our organizations and communities.